Multiple UFOs shot near the moon over Houston, Texas

On November 23, 2018 at 9:00 PM, a person living in Houston, Texas, photographed multiple UFOs near the moon. He was at gym parking lot.

Witness statement:

While taking picture of the moon at a 24 hour fitness gym parking lot after several photos this one came up. between 9 11:00 at night. strange dream that night period at doctor's office for an infected eye. many always circular and straight. lots of rooms with patience in the being examined always entering the wrong room and excusing myself. while in the waiting room a man came up to me and i said you must be the doctor he asked what was wrong i said my eye is infected i think he took a quick look that i would be okay and gave me for books. i looked at them they were about human psyche and space and time stuff but i couldn't read because i needed glasses he said it was okay. then he got up ready to leave and i said wait how much do i owe you you said nothing and walked away. while waiting for the doctor again he passed by me and put something in my jacket pocket. after he left i checked my pocket and it was a rosary. i have many wildest dreams that i can't explain. i have paralyzing dreams of someone holding me down and i could see my room and everything around it but i can't see the entity. i have been proven right because my roommate heard me screaming for help and i could see her walking in and i told her just pull my hand and she did and i was released. please help me explain what's going on

Source, 26th December 2018