Multiple blue-green UFOs over New York on Christmas day

On December 25, 2018, at 13:25, blue-green UFOs were photographed over Manhattan, in New York, USA.

Witness statement:

I was in manhattan, nyc, for christmas day, to see a show at radio city music hall with a companion. i took a lot of pictures using my phone, a samsung galaxy note 9, including a lot of buildings and architecture.

When i looked at two of them later in the day, i noticed blue-green spots in the sky between the two buildings. the object must have moved fast because the time between the two pictures was within 5 seconds. zooming into both pictures, you can clearly see a cube-like object, along with several other blue-green features surrounding it.

The pictures were taken looking north on 7th avenue. in the first picture, the image looks like its enveloped with a cloud or mist. in the second, same thing.

As for location of the shots i took, the phone's image metadata shows 450 7th avenue; i was standing at about 40°45'9.25"n, 73°59'22.13"w based on a matching picture in google earth street view (also attached as file 3).

As i wondered what this could be, it reminded me of the star trek style science fiction plot theme: a ship malfunctions and partially de-cloaks, only partly hiding its features. it's very weird. none of the other pictures i took that day had any aberrations or unusual light disturbances, nor in any of the 1000+ pictures taken with this phone.

Source, 27th December 2018