Metallic flying saucer shot over a beach in Rhode Island

On December 19, 2019, a metallic UFO was caught over a beach in Narragansett, in the state of Rhode Island, USA.

Witness statement:

1:43 pm december 19, 2019. friends go to scarborough beach in narragansett, ri. my friend ryan takes of photo of my on an iphone app called huji. this app takes photos to mimic fuji film shots. we probably spent a good 10 mins at the beach since it was really cold. at no point did i look at the sky unfortunately. about an hour later i was looking through the photos ryan took of me at the beach. i noticed in one image was a white spec and was curious of what that could possible be. i kept zooming in and screenshoting the image closer. this is when i realized this wasn’t a bird. this wasn’t a plane. this is a clear image of an ufo. -tay

Fuente, 20 de Diciembre de 2018