Long bright UFO sighted over Bonaire, Georgia

On October 11, 2015, at 14:50, a long bright UFO was sighted through camera lens over Bonaire, Georgia.

Witness report:

Standing in my backyard with my wife and son, having just received a newly purchased canon 400 mm telephoto lens, i was testing its tracking and focusing capabilities attached to my canon 60d body. i photograph aircraft and birds as a hobby. conditions were clear blue skies with minor sized clouds.

a single engine plane was moving north to south at between 1 and 3,000’ and because it was about to enter a lone cloud i advanced the camera to an anticipated interception point beyond the cloud, that is when the object came into view. i immediately asked my wife and son if they could see the object (not wanting to lose sight due to its faintness at 400 mm focal length). when they denied seeing it i asked my son to hurry over and grab the beverage i was holding in my left hand. it took approximately 5-10 seconds for him to take the beverage from me and during that time the object did not appear to move. i then steadied the camera and took the picture. next i then dropped the camera to preview what i had just photographed which took about 10 seconds then returned the camera vertically and never saw it again. i performed a very meticulous search/scan with no luck. at no time could i see it with the naked eye.

cigar shaped solid metallic silver to iridescent gold object hovering overhead.

http://www.ufostalker.com/sighting/96699, 01th December 2018