Huge oval-shaped UFO over Bormla, Malta

On August 18, at 21:40, a witness saw a huge flying saucer above clouds over Bormla, Malta.

Eyewitness statement:

Huge oval-shaped object with central spherical dome hiding above clouds at ene caught my eye from rooftop. observed for around 7 minutes at 30 degrees elevation,around 3 kms away from witness and at around 300 metres above ground. estimated size of oval is c.250 metres in length and around 150 metres in width. central spherical dome with a diameter of around 30 metres. object;s thickness from dome to tip was tapered starting from round 10 metres to a slim edge. it made a whitish glow on the clouds beneath it which reflected its shape. then the glow went off and the object disappeared. three bright point sources followed later on in the night sky the same night in a south to north direction.

Source, 05th December 2018