EBANI spotted over Madras, on September 2018

On September 25, 2018, an unusual UFO was seen over Madras, in the state of Oregon. This mysterious object looked like an EBANI

Witness statement:

Noticed this object about 2000ft up, maybe less, the object was closer than my phone camera was able to show, one of the pictures sent was enlarged from the picture to try and see it better. i watched the object for about 5 min, the main body was stark white like a cloud but the other portion you see on there was brilliant white like nothing i have ever see(lightning is the closest i could describe) it did not pulse, or radiate ect.. just stayed that color, it never moved while i was watching, i went to ask a co worker if he could tell what it was or thought. he was unable also i watched a few min longer then started working and looking back up frequently i remained there for i would guess 3-5 min more, on about the 4th time looking back it had vanished with no sound, trails etc.

The object i would estimate to have been about 300ft tall tapered cylinder , flat on top and bottom, est 50ft across at top, 10ft at bottom, clear blue day , no other activity in the sky at that time. it never moved possitions the entire time i had seen it.

Has anyone reported anything like this before any feedback would be appreciated.

http://www.ufostalker.com/sighting/97058, 17th December 2018