Bright disk-shaped UFO over Lake George, Colorado

On May 30, 2018, at 21:00, an automobilist was driving on highway 24 in the evening. Suddenly, he noticed a bright disk-shaped UFO

Witness report:

I was driving home one evening heading west on hw 24 near lake george, colorado. the time was approximately 9:00 pm. i noticed a bright, disk-shaped object hovering in the sky above some clouds in the distance. i observed the object for about 10 minutes while driving. the object remained stationary above the clouds and was approximately 1 mile west of my vehicle. i then pulled to the side of the road and got out of my car to observe the craft. as soon as i was outside of my car and observing the craft, it began to flash its lights erratically and seemingly change shape. i observed the craft for about 5 minutes standing on the side of the road by my car. i snapped a few pictures and took a short video. the object continued to hover stationary while flashing its lights rapidly. for some reason, i felt uneasy in the presence of the craft and decided to get back in my car and continue heading west to hartsel (where i lived at the time). as i continued west the object remained stationary (however the lights were constant and not erratically flashing as they were when i was on the side of the road outside of my car)and eventually i lost sight of the craft once i was on the other side of the clouds. the experience was quite remarkable and yet disturbing as well. i am not exactly sure what i saw that evening, but i am convinced that it was something very strange and likely not of this world. earlier that day i had a discussion with my co-worker daniel. he told of some ufo experiences that he had earlier in his life. i told dan that i had never seen a ufo before or experienced a sighting of any kind. interestingly enough, that very evening i encountered a ufo.

Source, 14th December 2018