Bright circular-shaped UFO in Albufeira during sunset

On December 2, 2018, at 17:00, a witness caught a picture of the sunset near the beach in Ablufeira, Portugal. Later, by watching pictures, he notuced a circular-shaped UFO

Witness statement:

My husband and i were having an early dinner at a restaurant on the albufeira beach to watch the sunset

I took a picture of the sunset and saw a light dot on the picture high above the clouds on the southern horizon.We couldn't see it with the naked eye

so seconds after i took another photo and we saw on the picture that the object has moved more south-east.Still not visible with the naked eye,so i took another photo,again seconds after and it disappeared.There was no vapour trail or sound, just a round object.

We hope you can tell us what it might have been and i'm sure that more people must have taken the sunset then and if it would also appear in their pictures!?

I included 4 photo's. photo 1,2 and 3 taken by myself following in that taken order and seconds apart.Photo 4 was taken in curacao in the caribbean by a friend not knowing about my pictures.I send it because i can see something there also left from the sun.

with kind regards,


Source, 03th December 2018