Black UFO caught over a pistol range in Ruskin, Florida

On December 19, 2018 in the morning, after taking pictures at a pistol range located in Ruskin, Florida, a witness discovered a black UFO in the sky.

Witness report:

On tuesday morning december 19, 2018, i and a friend were target practicing at a pistol range in a rural area of southern hillsborough county, florida. during the practice session, i took several photos of our activities with my cell phone camera. after examining the photos later in the day, i discovered unknown objects in the overcast sky almost directly above the actual subjects of my photos. the unknown objects were captured in two separate photos; one taken at 11:09 and another taken at 11:11. the photo taken at 11:11 possibly reveals 2 other unknown objects in the far distance. we noticed no unusual sound at the time nor did anything in the sky capture our direct attention. the object does not look like a bird or known aircraft. it lacks propellers, wings and other projections. dark and somewhat projectile shaped the object has a translucent haze around it and its profile seems to change from one photo to the next.

Source, 26th December 2018