3 unidentified orbs shot by Apollo 11 in 1969

By watching images from Apollo 11 in 1969, a witness found three unidentified ‘orbs’. Is it a proof that aliens really exist?

Witness statement:

This is not a ufo sighting , i was reviewing some of the apollo 11 moon landing footage that nasa released and found what i believe neil armstrong saw on the way to the moon and what after they landed .. in 2 of the frames you clearly see 3 "orbs" or objects perfect lined up in a / line pattern and then i believe i also found the craft he was talking about during the missing 2 minutes of footage that were lined up on the crater but the images are kinda dark so i cant say for sure

--->i put the black box around what i am referring to in the images.

http://www.ufostalker.com/sighting/97142, 21th December 2018