2 UFO spotted in night over Sawston, England

On November 29, 2018, at 20:50, a man spotted two triangular-shaped UFO flying overhead in Sawston, England, UK. What is it?

Witness report:

1. i was outside in my back garden to smoke a cigarette.

2. i noticed lights between the trees that looked odd, which then started to fly towards me, it was unusual as i observe the sky a lot at night and there isn't a flight path over my house.

3. naturally i presumed it was an aeroplane.

4. they were both triangular in shape with lights at the points and smaller lights in between with a pulsating red light. i seem to have captured a green light on video also. the first one i saw the lights through the trees of my back garden, it then flew towards my house and banked left and went in an easterly direction at a low altitude, a lot lower than a regular plane would have been. the second came towards me as i was watching the other in the distance and banked e/nw an flew overhead right next to my house above the neighbouring trees.

5. whilst observing the first flying object i was captivated as i could not make out what it was, whilst it flew away from me there was a red pulsating light on it which made my eyes feel strange, i had to rub them an blink several times almost like having blurry vision. when the second came into sight an then started to turn towards my house i tried to record it on my mobile phone, as it flew overhead i ran inside, told my girlfriend and we ran out the front door and watched it as it flew overhead and off into the distance.

6. it disappeared out of sight behind houses.

Watch video

http://www.ufostalker.com/sighting/96677, 30th November 2018