Weird UFO flying over Pyrenees, in northern Spain

In the summer of 2014, a strange UFO was photographed in the sky over the village of Cerler, in northern Spain.

Witness statement:

Looks like a solid object i a photo, reflective, with tail/aeroplane fin;

July, 9, 2014, me my wife and my daughter, walking in a trail near cerler, pyrennees, after lunch, shiny day , about 1800 m high;

W see nothing, except when i looked at the photos...

We see no airplanes, helicopters or any other machine, at the local and all the way. the mountain was totally silent, very quiet. only buterflies and bugs.

I was very puzzled and obset by the photo! what the hell is that?

I send the original photo

Forgive my poor english.

Source, 26th November 2018