Very clear blue orb spotted over Wilmington, Colorado

On September 8, 2018, at 12:00AM, a witness was eating in Wilmington, Colorado, when he saw a blue orb traveling in the sky…

Eyewitness statement:

on Sept 8 2018 I was attending a Military Reunion in Wilimgton North Carolina, we were having our Memorial Meal on the Fantail of the Battleship North Carolina. the weather was warm with no wind. The Battleship sits in a a small inlet off the Cape Fear River. The Tide was in and the Ship had no Movement. We had Approximately 150 Marines and their wives on board and age was late 60's to late 70's.

After Dinner we were listing to our Speakers when I noticed a Bright Blue Orb moving into view from my Right. It moved across my view to my left and then came to a stop in an instant like it hit a wall, after a few minutes it continued its silent path to a position just forward of the the ship where it stopped again and sat there for some time. it then reversed it path staying at the same height and same position from the Ship.

As the Orb passed in front of me the second time it seemed to grow brighter or intensify, as the orb continued on its path above Wilmington it went out to what i figured it was over the Atlantic where it went down below my sight line. It was not gone for long when it tracked back over to Wilmington to approximately the left of the ship and then Vanished.

Source, 15th November 2018