Unidentified orange light over Albany, Oregon

On November 18, 2018 at 02:34 AM, a witness was working on graveyard in Albany, Oregon, when he saw an unidentified flying object in the sky. It was orange and very bright.

Witness report:

This incident happened while i was at work on graveyard shift, on my lunch break. i was just at my car, listening to music and my lunch was about to end. i went inside to clock in for work. after i did this, i wanted to go back outside to look at the stars on the super-clear nearly cloudless night, which are kinda rare. then i look toward this row of trees near the water channel near my place of work, which is in the northeast direction. i spot a bright orange light in the sky at about 40 degrees off the horizon. the color was similar to crush soda but in light form. i sometimes see planes flying in that northeast direction so at first i thought it was a plane coming toward me and i was seeing its headlights. i kept watching it to see what it would do. the apparent size at this point was the size of a planet such as venus with naked eyes. after about 60 seconds, it started heading south. i did not see any indicator lights, which was odd since i typically plane nav lights when they are flying parallel to my location. i still did not see any nav lights. at this point, i try to capture some photos and video on my smartphone. it still had that deep orange color that would dim sometimes, maybe from thin cloud cover. then at around a 40-45 degree angle off the horizon at around the se direction, i saw the craft shoot an orange pulse of light out the bottom of the craft. it was very brief, lasting about a half second. the emission looked similar to a photon torpedo from star wars but was orange in color, just like the craft. the emission had a tear-drop shape to it that faced downward away from the craft. the emission quickly disappeared after it was shot out the bottom of the craft. the size of the emission was about the same size as the orange object itself. shortly after seeing this tiny burst of orange light, it kept moving south again then faded away slowly behind some thin clouds. i did not hear any sounds during the event. never saw any nav lights. the whole sighting lasted about 2 minutes. i took some photo and video, but only one blurry photo came out showing the object. in my attached photo, the object can be found in the middle-left part of the photo above a tree that appears as a round gray object in the photo. the other photos and videos were too dark. after watching for anything else to happen for a couple minutes, i went back inside to work.

http://www.ufostalker.com/sighting/96532, 22th November 2018