Strange glowing light spotted over Dayton, Ohio

On October 26, 2018, a woman named Kiley saw a mysterious glowing light on the highway over Dayton, Ohio.

She explains:

Just recorded this on my way to work. I saw a white glowing light on the highway. It looked like it was over the clouds rather than under it and it was stationary. Weird but thought you folks might like it. Could be anything and I may be just a crazy loon but whatever.

She is not the only person to have seen this strange anomaly. Teresa Ann claims:

Hey I'm in Urbana Ohio. Not to far from you and I have noticed the same light! What I see is much smaller cause the trees hide it but I been asking everyone what it is. Cause it is some kind of light source from the heavens and it is not the moon or the sun. I see it at 3am when I get off work. The moon is in the opposite direction! If anybody knows what it is please comment.

Source, 09th November 2018