Rectangular-shaped UFO shot over Greendale, Wisconsin

On September 8, 2018, at 2:00PM, a witness was in the back yard in Greendale, Wisconsin. Suddenly, he saw a white rectangular-shaped UFO. What is it about?

Witness report:

I was in the back yard, sitting in chair. clear day and saw an airplane flying above but, this object was several miles higher up then the plane and it hovered in place for a few mintues and then moved slightly in swirling motion and then hovered again. i thought it was a plane or bird but, there were birds flying and they werent that high up and the planes werent. i have seen this object before mid summer and didnt know what i was seeing. i felt a little scared but, something told me to take a picture of it anyway. it was solid and sunlight reflected off of it. i lost sight of it as i went through my pictures on my cell phone. i only looked away a few mintues and it was gone.

Source, 02th November 2018