Multiples UFOs in a triangular formation over Bellville, Texas

On November 9, 2018 at 7:30PM, a witness saw three mysterious lights in a triangular formation over Bellville, Texas.

Witness statement:

1. Bellville texas, leaving our house to go eat in Brenham, texas. We live out in the country & we were on the back roads no lights, very dark. It was around 7:30pm

2 & 4. It was really bright yellow orange light, low & 2 other lights were following & made a triangle. It was cloudy, it was not a star or airplane, no blinking lights just one solid bright light.

3. Wth is that!?

5. I kept my eyes on it the whole way to the highway, on the highway now traveling north it's still there but after we drove it was blocked from our view from trees & after about 5 miles of trees when it was a clear view it was gone. I looked all over & it was nowhere. The picture isn't very good & it's not as bright as it was in person.

Source, 10th November 2018