Huge octahedron-shaped UFO over Pittsfield in 2014

On March 1st, 2014 at 7:30, a huge octahedron-shaped UFO is appeared over the sky in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Witness report:

Stopped at intersection at 7:30 AM 3/1/2014. Weather conditions were cold, clear, calm - no wind, blue sky day. Noticed black octahedron shaped object in sky. Object hovered then slowly moved northwest (est 20 mph). Object had faceted sides that were matte black when facing morning sun - like outer surface of a military stealth jet. What struck me is that object looked to be the size of a school bus at a distance, but had no sound and no visible means of propulsion. It would hover, then move, then slow down and hover before moving away from the road I was on. I had time to take a photo with my phone when I first noticed it. I believe it was 1 mp camera at the time. The total time of the sighting was about 5 minutes before I lost sight of the object. Never saw anything like this before. I thought I lost this photo, but recently found it, and wanted to post this in case anyone else in the area saw the same object/craft.

Source, 11th November 2018