Glowing cigar-shaped UFO seen over Gainesville

On November 2017, a reddish cigar-shaped UFO was filmed over Gainesville, Florida. What is it?

Witness report:

I am an RN with 35 years experience. I am not on any medication. I was on my way to work coming out of QT gas station at corner of Limestone Pkwy and Jesse Jewell Rd at a stop light. It was evening just becoming dark but still light, it was misty day with low cloud cover. As I was sitting at light I saw in the sky above me and ahead of me a large object dumbell or spool of thread shaped. The body was cylinder shaped and both ends were thicker than body but also cylinder shaped. It was very big but I am not good at estimating size. Imagine a spool of thread with much thicker ends or a dumbell with a much thicker body. It had MANY multi colored lights soft colored but very vivid and they were blinking or turning off and on in no particular sequence. I remember at the time that it reminded me of a Christmas tree with colored lights but so many colors it was beautiful. It seemed to have every color of light on the spectrum. It was a misty evening and the thing briefly disappeared 2 or 3 times but came back into view in the same place. Then it just disappeared for good. I looked at the cars around me and it seemed that no one else noticed. By the time I thought to get a picture it was gone. I pulled out of the intersection to a parking lot to see if it would come back but it was gone. I was not afraid but it did disturb me to see something like that. I described it to my coworkers and they stated they believed me. They know me pretty well and know I am not someone to make things up for attention. I wish I had reported it immediately at the time as it has been on my mind sometimes daily since I saw it. Please feel free to contact me but there really isn’t any more I can add.

Source, 17th November 2018