Alien craft spotted over Loveland, Colorado

On October 26, 2018, on the morning, a witness was at home in Loveland, Colorado. By watching the sky, he noticed a bright UFO in the sky.

Eyewitness statement:

I watch the sky all the time. I was a tacp, forward air controller in the 90s. Was sitting at my regular morning window drinking tea and I saw a super bright light appear on the western horizon. I am in a valley so to see over the ridge to the west I must look at about a 20degree angle. It moved slow, like a satellite.. however, it was too big and far too bright. As usual when I see something odd my heart starts to race and I try to figure out what’s happening. I opened my flight radar app and there was nothing in the area. A commercial flight further north, but this was not a standard aircraft. Honestly, it looked like a rocket burn. Maybe space x had a launch this am? I am facing west and in the mountains. I have great night sky viewing up here. I bet I could see a space x launch. Anyway, I hope you folks don’t get tired of my observations, but until told otherwise, if it looks odd to me I am going to report it. I have attached a snap shot of the radar screen and a picture of the object. It’s horrible and really doesn’t show much, but I tried. I lost sight of the object as it passed over the house. I came back in to check the radar, found nothing, and decided to report it.

Two years earlier, an other witness reported a red bullet-shaped UFO over Loveland.

Source, 02th November 2018