A time traveler reveals robot arm from the future

On a video posted on YouTube by ApexTV, a time traveler reveals an incredible robot arm from the future. He claims he visited the year 3700…

ParanormalElite explains:

In this video, a man alleging to be a time traveler told his story about how he was part of a top secret project fairly recently to visit the year 3700 and come back. According to the man's testimony, there is a fight between robots and humans in the future. Supposedly, while the man was in the future, he managed to bring back a supposed arm of one of the robots.

He shows the alleged robot arm in the video and makes the claim that it is truly technology from the future. What do you think?

https://www.disclose.tv/time-traveler-reveals-robot-arm-from-the-future-351892, 13th November 2018