Weird colored UFO spotted over Wilmington, Delaware

On October 1st, 2018, an automobilist saw a UFO with four different color lights. It emitted a beam and moving offly near Kirkwood highway, Wilmington, Delaware.

Eyewitness statement:

Kirkwood Highway Between Newark and Wilmington DE, October 1 2018

(Written around four hours after the event described below.)

Approx. 9:45, driving from Newark to Wilmington DE along Kirkwood highway. An unexpected trip to visit wife’s 84 year old Mother, who was unwell. Object in sky to our right caught my attention - alternately strobing red and blue lights together with constant white light, with a beam emanating from the object/lights at a slight angle towards the ground but which did not reach the ground. The angle of the beam was maybe 15 degrees below the lights/object, directed in the opposite direction to which we were moving. At first I just assumed the object must be a helicopter but I came to doubt this because of the nature of the lights and the path the object was following. I was calm whilst observing the object which was also seen by my wife (she was driving). The lights moved towards Kirkwood Highway, then began moving parallel to us (some distance away) in the same direction as we were traveling, at roughly the same speed. Our speed was around thirty-five to forty miles per hour going along the road. After around twenty seconds or so, the lights appeared to come slightly towards us briefly (the beam was no longer apparent, and was not seen again). At this point I took a photo with my phone (through the car window on the front passenger seat, right hand side). Shortly after that (i.e. seconds) the lights began to move in the opposite direction to which they had been moving and at this point a green light was visible instead of the blue (red and white were still there). I turned to look back at the lights every few seconds as they slowly receded in the distance, until I lost sight of them behind trees. The whole sighting lasted around two minutes (one minute for the events described above, two including looking back until the lights were no longer visible).


, 02th October 2018