Stationary UFO spotted over Allenstown, New Hampshire

On October 29, 2018 at 6:50PM, a stationary bright UFO is appeared over Allenstown, New Hampshire. What is it?

Witness report:

I was on my back porch around 6:50 this evening. Mostly clear skys. Usual sporadic air traffic from local municipal ports. I noticed a blinking star thinking it was a plane but it didnt move and after about 5 minutes thinking it was a plane either approaching or receeding my location, it didnt deviate. Neither dimmer or brighter. So i grabbed a cheap plastic set of binocs for bird watching and viewed it better than by eye and it appeared as a brighter central blinking white light with a constant red light on top and a bluish/greenish light on the bottom. I then spent a good 5-10 minutes trying futily to align my cell phones camera lens to the binocs but my android phone isnt good for night pics so that didnt work. All this time the light never deviated from its position nor dod the light cease its pulsation which was quite regular. I did manage to get a rough focus with my phone and took a pic. I heard my daughter come home from work and quickly told her to come outside and see it. She did and also viewed it with the binocs and also tried to get her better phone to take a pic. Probably a good 20 plus minutes or more for all this and the pulsating light never deviated. My daughter went back inside and ib not knowing who to contact decided to send a msg to my local weatherman Mike at WMUR channel 9 tv i hopes that he or someone at the station might have heard anything. Heres what i texted him. Btw, when i finished texting him and looked up, the light was gone.

"Hi Mike, im not sure how to word this or even who to address this to but im seeing an unknown stationary object at this moment from my back porch in Allenstown and its been stationary in the sky for some 15 minutes so far. Distance in indeterminate but im facing northwards. I got some bad short phone vid but looking at it through cheap binocsb its a red light on top, blinking white in the middle and possibly green or blue on the bottom. My daughter came home a few minutes ago from work and she also can see it. We both checked iss and other local sky traffic sites but nothing reports as being over our area. Id put it close to Concord. I just looked up from typing this and its now gone or covered by clouds but its too dark to tell. There have been other aircraft overhead but they all move and from past experience this light was neither coming or going towards/away from my location but remainded in constant fixed location. Again, sorry for bothering you but i hope you might hear something and perhaps let me know what it might have been if you get the chance.


If you zoom in on the attached pic, there seems to be multiple sources of light but remember my cell phone does not do night pics.

Source, 30th October 2018