Large triangular UFO escorted by airplanes in Pennsylvania

On October 1st, 2018, an automobilist was driving near King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, when he saw a large triangular-shaped UFO. It moving very slow and was escorted by what looked like 747s in front and back.

Witness report:

I was driving west on I-76 in PA just passed the King of Prussia exit and saw a line of 3 extremely bright lights just hovering in the air in the distance, probably only a few thousand feet up. At this distance I could not make out anything other than the lights. The treeline on I-76 blocked my view for most of the time I could see it but every 30 seconds or so I would get a glimpse until I was passing the eastbound rest stop before the route 29 exit (as you move westbound) and it came into full view to the north west, which was out of the front right of my car. I noticed it was actually moving extremely slowly and travelling parallel to me but in the opposite direction slightly north of me. It was very low and could not have been going over 60 mph. Eventually it passed by me like oncoming traffic and I got a good glimpse of the underside as if I had an underside isometric view of the object. I was able to see a perfect outline of the aircraft including some features. I was able to make it out in the same way as you can make out the outline of the entire moon including the dark side on a low percentage crescent.

The aircraft shape was essentially a triangular top plate and bottom plate connected with a wall perpendicular to the top and bottom plates all around the perimeter of the triangles. You could see that the plates looked as if they were formed around the side walls on the bottom and the top similar to how you would cover a pan in tin foil but neatly done.

See sketch.

All lights seemed to be pointed in the forward direction of the aircraft.


, 02th October 2018