Weird UFOs caught over Exeter, New Hampshire

On September 9, 2018, in night, strange unidentified lights appeared over Exeter, New Hampshire. They were extremely similar to the famous Phoenix lights…

Eyewitness statement:

Hi, I saw the UFO sightings page and people who have had encounters on the website and thought this would be good to add.

I was joining my husband along a business trip to Exeter, New Hampshire this week. We love walking at night everywhere we go and just loved the charm of Exeter, so we took a stroll around 11-midnight on 9/9-10/2018.

As we were taking some photos of the historic downtown buildings, we noticed what looked extremely similar to the Phoenix lights in the sky.

We captured some photos and tried to reason them out, but there are just too many local stories and reasons as to why it is highly probable that what we saw was a UFO.

After being a bit freaked out about what we saw, we learned about the famous Exeter incident in 1965 and the local UFO sightings that have happened in Exeter since the 1960s. They even have a UFO festival every year.

It was just so strange that we saw this, not knowing about the alien and UFO encounters in this town until after.

My husband also managed to capture some orb like figures flying behind some buildings that night. The history of UFO and alien encounters in this state are so interesting especially with what happened during the Exeter Incident and Betty and Barney’s encounter not far from here.


, 23th September 2018