Unidentified green light spotted over Skokie, Illinois

On September 16, 2018, a witness living in Skokie, Illinois, spotted an unidentified green light flying in the sky. What is it?

Witness report:

From 6:38 to 7:49 PM I was taking a walk in my neighborhood just south of the Jane Stenson Elementary School in Skokie. I log all of my workouts, so these times are accurate. At approximately 7:40 PM I was looking to the southeast and saw a bobbing emerald green circular light in the sky, estimated to be above the north end of the Skokie Swift Commuter Lot by the intersection of Suffield Court and Gross Point Road in Skokie. It looked just like a green stoplight, making the same jerky motions in the sky as a fishing bobber. I was curious, and I ended up running back to my house to tell my partner about the light in the sky. At about 7:50 PM, after I logged my workout, he came outside with me in the front yard to observe the light, and we were facing southeast. He went back inside after about 2 minutes and told me to not “get abducted” in a sarcastic way. I went inside with him because I felt awkward staring at the sky in my front yard with cars driving by. I walked out my back door into the backyard to continue to watch the light. My partner was not interested in continuing to watch with me and stayed inside on his computer. I stayed outside to watch the circular green light bob around in the sky. Approximately 25 minutes later the circular light started darting around quickly, making jerky movements with much more distance and speed. At that point I became frightened and went inside and called my partner to come outside to watch the light with me again. I told him that drones don’t move like that, or that fast. He stayed outside with me in the backyard for another couple of minutes to watch the light, and calmed me down a bit. I texted one of my non-judgmental friends about what I was seeing, as I was watching outside. I tried to take a couple of photos on my iPhone, but the photos just show a pin dot of green light and did not accurately capture what I was seeing with my eyes. I watched the light in the backyard from about 7:55 PM until 9:20 PM. At that point I could not stand to get any more mosquito bites, so I went inside the house to take my evening shower and put on some calamine lotion. At 9:50 PM, after I was done with my shower and dressed for bed, I went back outside, and the light was still visible in the same place. I watched for 2 minutes and went back inside to get on my computer and avoid being bitten by any more mosquitos.

I have been going back outside once every 20 minutes to check and see if the light is still out there, staying for 2 minutes each time to avoid getting bit by more mosquitoes. As I am writing this summary, it is now 11:15 PM on 9-16-2018 and the light is still visible, but has moved, from my point of view from the southeast, now to due east. The light is now approximately hanging and bobbing overhead in between the ComEd Skokie Power Substation and the Skatium Ice Arena. I am going to head to sleep now as I have to get up to go to work in the morning. As strange as it is, I’ve been watching it for a few hours and should go to bed.

I don’t know for certain what it is. The only thing I can think of is that it could potentially be a police drone. I don’t think a recreational civilian drone pilot would willingly pilot a drone thousands of feet in the sky for fun for 4+ hours on a Sunday evening. Most people in this community have to go to work or school on Mondays and are probably already asleep. I also think it was pretty high up to the point that it would be extremely close if not already crossing commercial airspace. What else looks just like a green stoplight bobbing up and down in the sky, and zooming around in random directions? I don’t have an answer. I just have more questions. Maybe you can help us understand what we were seeing. I am submitting a photo to go along with this report, which was taken at 8:38 PM.


, 20th September 2018