Multiple bright orbs spotted over Phoenix, Arizona

On August 28, 2018, a witness saw approximately 5-7 bright circular orbs flying over Phoenix, Arizona.

Ewitness statement:

On August 28th I was driving home from CVS, when I noticed approximately 5-7 very bright white round lights. I’ve seen satellites, planes, helicopters and shooting stars before. It definitely was none of those. I couldn’t get a picture, as I was driving. They slowly faded away in the Southeastern part of the sky. I turned Southwest down my street and I saw another one of those lights. So, I pulled over and just started taking pictures and it got bigger and bigger. I can not even describe what I just saw, other than it was NOT a planet or star or plane. It was a bright white ball and then looked like a spiral and in the middle a triangle or an A.


, 08th September 2018