Large UFO caught during sunset over Reykjavik

On September 9, 2018, during sunset a huge UFO was caught over Reykjavik, Iceland. What is it?

Scott C. Waring explains:

This UFO was caught just today and was seen during sunset over Iceland. The UFO measures over a mile across has a shape of large disk, AKA flying saucer. This is a fantastic video of the UFO and it appears he didn't see the craft till viewing the video at home, otherwise he probably would have focused in it a lot more.

I often say its easiest to record a UFO during sunset, because the angle of the setting sun, the UFO and the eyewitness makes a perfect triangle which causes the cloaked UFO to be revealed...for a few minutes only. This is one beautiful alien craft.

Such UFOs have been seen recently by a pilot over the ocean near the UK back in 2007. Click here to see interview with pilot.


, 09th September 2018