Huge cigar-shaped UFO found on pictures

On August 29, 2018, a witness living in Minesota was at home. He used his new camera and took pictures of the stars. But, on images, he found three huge UFOs invisible to the naked eye…

Witness statement:

Around 11pm on the night of 8.29.2018, I went into my backyard to try using my newer camera, to get shots of the stars

I had recently read an article that gave great instructions for doing star photography, so I was excited to try out process.

I set up my Canon T6i on a tripod and set it up according to the following formulae:

2 second timer, to prevent moving the camera while the shutter was open.

Aperture set to F4.5 ISO set to 1600 Exposure duration 2 seconds

I was using a 300mm zoom lens, not zoomed in, in order to try to get less light noise from being in the city. Focus set to infinite.

After some test shots, and some adjustments, I arrived at what I believed was a good setup (Above) and sat back in my chair and began taking shots of the sky.

After some time, I felt I had some good shots, and went into the house to view them.

When I first saw the 3 frames (Submitted), I figured that I had captured a shooting star, nothing more.

But then it dawned on me, these were 2 second exposures, so taking the time stamps into account (11:14:56 - 11:15:14) and adding a conservative 4 seconds on either end... the object would have taken 20 - 26 seconds to travel through my cameras field of vision.

I was looking West, but it is impossible to judge distance or angle, as I did not see it with my eye.

I am used to seeing satellites traveling South to North and West to East... but this was traveling North to South and possibly East to West.

I ruled out planes as the light streak is consistent, there are no fluctuation visible, even after playing with the images.

The data is still in my camera, but I will submit 4 photos, the 3 originals, and the composite I made.


, 31th August 2018