Dark spherical-shaped UFO shot near Naples, Italy

On May 8, 2018, a strange spherical-shaped UFO was photographed near Naples, in southern Italy.

Witness report:

Filled out and filed at MUFON hq by field investigator l. Flechtner 18809 from a written report sent in to hq. Filed on 9/4/2018 at mufon hq. The field investigator who is assigned to this case may ask for the hard copy and original photos to be sent to them. I took pictures of the photos to attach to the bottom of the report.


May 8, 2018, first day of a week long tour: "Pompeii, Herculaneum and classical campania (Andante tour company).

In the morning we were on our way from the hotel to the (Greek) temples site and museum at paestum. I sat at the back of the bus. I stood up to take two pictures of the bay of Naples as we passed by. I didn't notice the object. There was a little stairwell to the rear bus exit. I took a step or two down for at least one of the photos. I sat in the same seat throughout the tour and never noticed a spot on the window: I'm sure if there had been, someone would have pointed it out.


, 05th September 2018