Ancient machete found on Mars by NASA

On September 2, 2018, Scott C. Waring found one photo that showed something of very strange on the surface of Mars (Sol 826). What is it?

He explains:

While searching thought the NASA rover index, I found one photo that showed the impossible in it. At first, I only noticed the handle...of a weapon or tool sticking out. Then my eyes followed down the hand to a leather-like covering. At the end of this covering was a machete-like blade sticking out. It was then that I realised what I had found. An ancient weapon in an animal skin sheath.

I know how bazar it sounds, and yet we see it with our own eyes, laying there on the surface. I added color to it so that it can be more easily seen. The sheath of the weapon is very artistic. Its thick like it held more than one knife. Its god layered areas that look like the animal skin has been stitched together showing seams. The sheath has a flame like edge on one side. The sheath allows the tip of the weapon to be exposed.

This evidence is 100% indisputable since it came from that NASA curiosity rover, a machine which has no opinion, no thoughts of its own, just pure exploration.

Source photo


, 03th September 2018