Possible alien abduction in Milan, Italy

On July 16, 2018, at 3:30, an inhabitant of Milan, Italy, was sleeping at home when he was attacked by weird humanoids

Witness report:

Hello, I'm ((man's name deleted))., 21, I'm a night worker in the city of Milan.

I was lying on the bed at night after i've got a night of work 3 hours before and i was just getting ready for sleep. I've got a great ability to do OBEs and while i was starting dreaming like it always did, everything around me paralyzed.

While i was realizing that was not a sleep paralysis i started hearing a strange whistle/white-noise and a sensation of circle spinning and pressure decrease, after all of this a voice, like there were somebody talking in front of me, in my native language, was speaking to me. After a while i've seen it's face and it was like a grey but it's eye's were more dark green I was so afraid that could happen something to me, try to harm me however this figure was curious about me i guess, we had a chat but i don't remember what we talked about, I'm shocked about how time could paralyze.

I would really like to talk to somebody, please.

Photo: Roman ruins in Milan: the Columns of San Lorenzo


, 04th August 2018