Oval-shaped UFO shot over Maryville, Tennessee

On May 11, 2018, a weird oval-shaped UFO was spotted over Maryville, Tennessee. It was flying slowy diagonally.

Eyewitness statement:

I walked outside my home at dusk to get the mail and I felt "watched". Halfway to the curb mailbox (40 feet total distance to box) I looked to my right and saw a strange shape in the sky that looked like a stretched out oval. At first I thought it was a meteor because it was moving diagonally towards the ground and was glowing yellow/orange with a short smoky trail that quickly disappeared behind it not like jet trail that lasts much longer. I then ran inside the house to get my ipad to take a picture of it. It was still there moving slowly and I realized it was too slow to be a meteor, but there was no airplane and no noise - just an long glowing oval. I took a "live" picture on my ipad. Fascinated I sat down on the driveway for a couple minutes and watched it. No one else was outside to see it. As I got up to go inside I looked back and it sped up just a little bit. It was tiny from where I was but I think it was huge and far away. There were very few clouds in the sky and they were not near this. I was scared and excited and felt like I was being watched the entire time.

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, 22 août 2018