Glowing white orb over Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

On July 1st, 2018, a witness living in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, spotted a weird bright orb in the night sky. He caught amazing pictures.

Witness report:

Ok so its hard to give u exact date i saw the craft butbut a good month sounds the best to was between 9-10pm home from work and we live in the tallest building arond it's the very top floor 7th i was smoking a cigarette but this time i sat up on window ledge and faced towards city of Philadelphia straight down path of state Rd i guess very best description of exterial lights gave it a dimond shape blue,green white red. But it was no set pattern some times watching it hover it was just solid red .oter times blue green red. It hoverd for a few hours came in but i check ed on it peiododicaly it took me a while to sink in that i was seeing something i hoped was other worldley but one of my last times checking on it that fist night it started moving back and forth side to side the way it changed direction .i new what it was. And when it hoverd it vibrated like.


, 03 août 2018