Weird orb flying near an aircraft over Edmonton, Canada

On June 19, 2018, a man and his wife have spotted a glowing orb flying near an aircraft over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Witness statement:

From June 16 to the 19, 2018 My wife and I were camping at Wabamun Provincial park. On the 19th my wife was taking a mid afternoon nap while went for a walk to take some photographs. At about noon I heard an aircraft overhead. I pointed my camera towards the airplane and took a picture. Later on I looked at the photo and notice the bright orb behind the aircraft. There is other white spots in the picture which are the fuzz from the poplar trees. I know this because the next day I took another photo of the sky and the same white fuzz appeared. I could also see the fuzz was visible in the air. The possibility exists that the orb is fuzz like the others, but to me it just stands out too much.


, 16th July 2018