Unidentified orange light over Scarborough, Ontario

On July 3, 2018, a witness spotted an unidentified bright red light over Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

Eyewitness statement:

Was a late evening, going up to bed, normally I look outside and lift the blinds before going to bed. I like to see the night sky and stars. Relaxes me. Was approximately 2 am. Bright orange/yellow light caught my eye on the south side, towards the lake. Intense light, not bluish like the stars. Did not see plane lights or anything to indicate that it was a plane. Hovered and was quite large. Not a helicopter, no sound, at that time of the night didn’t think it would be a helicopter. Maybe a meteor; however, did not fall, instead moved directions.

The object itself was sideways and then turned itself. Glowed more around the base. It was dome shaped on top and wider around the bottom. Did not know what it could be. So I got my 35 mm camera, zoomed in and started snapping photos. To be honest, when I looked at the photos, it almost appears that there is something or someone in it. Very odd. I checked online to see if anyone had reported a sighting that evening, it was late and then went to bed. I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. Checked next day still nothing, but I thought I should report this.


, 08th July 2018