UFO shot over NASA's complex near Madrid

On July 1st, 2018, tourists were visiting NASA's complex near Madrid, in Spain. When they caught a picture, a black cigar-shaped UFO is appeared in the sky.

Witness statement:

-We were on holiday in "Robledo de Chavela" (near Madrid) and we visited the Nasa centre, the UFO appeared just as we took the pictures next to the antennas

-No one saw the object in that moment, I realized it later when I arrived back home and I started checking the pictures.

-When I recognized the object at first it surprised me and my friends because it didn't appear to be a known common flying object.

-In the first photograph you can see THE UFO on the top right side of the picture, whereas on the second photograph taken a second or two later you can see how it starts to disappear on the top left side of the picture.

-When I saw the object I didn't doubt that it was something strange and I wanted a convincing answer.


, 25th July 2018