TR3B or black triangular UFO over Hesston, Kansas

On July 29, 2018, a black triangular-shaped UFO is appeared in the night sky over Hesston, Kansas. This object had 3 white lights, one on each corner and a brighter red light in the center. What the hell is it?

Eyewitness statement:

Sitting in company parking lot, watching cloud lightning, storm had just passed. Noticed lights coming into view out of driver window above car, spent a few minutes trying to make out what it was. Traveling roughly at 5 knots. A couple flashes of cloud lightning in the distance showed the shape of the a triangle with no facets or edge differences of any of the 3 sides, 3 straight lines only. Continued to follow storm until view was obstructed by parking lot lights.

Moved slow and in a perfect straight line.

I had no assumption of what it was, thought possibly a life watch helicopter until the rest of the lights came into view. No sound that I heard.


, 30th July 2018