Spherical-shaped UFO spotted in night over Coeur d'Alene

On July 9, 2018, in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, dogs started going wild as UFO was soaring around. What is it?

Witness report:

Before this event started, I was about to turn off the nightstand lights when I saw this bright glowing object appear out of nowhere in the sky through my window. This object started to move around a bit and I immediately woke up my wife to ask to to go get someone else in the household to verify what we were seeing.

At first we thought it was a drone or a planet, but that was quickly debunked when it started shifting colors and defying the laws of physics. We are very familiar with our local area and know that there are no swamps, therefore the skeptic belief that this was swamp gas was ruled out. Since there were planes in the area, we could easily see their wing lights. However this object started to show some unique intelligence. This object would immediately dim itself every time a commercial plane would get too close. In addition, once these commercial planes moved far away the object undimmed itself. It was as if it did not want to be seen by human aerial activity. From my observation it started moving around in small intervals left to right with an up and down motion. After 1 hour this object decided to go from South to Southwest only to seem to move towards us. During this occurrence, all the dogs in the neighborhood started to barking loudly as if they were spooked. My family and I were a bit startled and intrigued on how the animals were reacting in the area. We started to talk about similar experiences that have happened in the past in and around our local area. We flashed a flash light towards the object as an experiment and the object started to move closer to us only to change direction once a commercial plane moved nearby our position. The object emitted no sound and stayed stationary for half an hour only to shift positions slowly.

Three hours in of constant recording and taking pictures, the object started to move away from our view heading south then southwest. I guess the object was doing some strange activity in our area. I do not want to say it was aliens, but aliens to coin the phrase. I feel that this actually has broaden our understanding a bit more of what is really out there.


, 09th July 2018