Ring-shaped UFO spotted over Austin for several weeks

On July 27, 2018, and during several weeks, a witness spotted ring-shaped UFO over Austin, Texas. He caught pictures. Very strange.

Eyewitness statement:

We have been observing a light in the sky for about 2 weeks. The light is visible starting at about 10 pm through 4am. The light looks to be spinning but does not seem to be a sphere More oblong or triangular. It appears every night at the same time and doesn't follow other stars, planets or the moon as the earth rotates. Around 2 am the light will starts to move. It will zip to the right, loop go up and come back down. The light gets brighter as if spinning and on one occasion a Wawa Wawa sound was heard. It will move slowly up and down about 6 inches in 15 mins around the 10 to 12 hour. On another occasion I witnessed it at approximately 10:30 pm and the object was completely gone about 20 minutes later. At that time I called a relative that lives about 10 miles away and they could see it moving towards the West at a high speed then stop and hover. The odd part is i live close to the airport and have seen plans fly right above it but never infront of the light. We have searched multiple sights seeing if anyone else has reported a similar sighting and have found nothing.


, 29th July 2018