Noisy UFO spotted over Houston, on July 2018

On July 25, 2018, after hearing a strange loud boom sound over Houston, Texas, a witness saw glowing UFO

Eyewitness statement:

I was at my warehouse waiting for a customer to arrive when I heard a loud boom sound which the only way I can describe it was as a loose bass guitar string being strummed only once but EXTREMELY LOUD and with a very low tone!! I looked up and saw a object moving extremely fast through the sky off to the right of me and hit the quick camera open on my phone. I was able to get one shot of it before it was completely gone. When I 1st saw it, it was large and had a diamond shape to it and was bright whitish blue. In picture it looks more square as it was moving away from me but it had a diamond shape when it was off to the side of me when I 1st looked up. That sound will not leave my head. I have never heard a sound like that ever. Have had chill goosebumps for hours now. This is a night I will never forget. Still cant believe I saw this


, 26th July 2018