Huge UFO with multiple lights over Lake Elsinore

On July 12, 2018, a person living in Lake Elsinore, California, when he caught a very strange picture. On it, we can see a huge UFO.

Witness report:

I was in my backyard in the Bud 11 o'clock 10 o'clock at night taking photos of the saloon under the stars looking for the moon and also of the backyard likes in just to see how the lights where you would - up in the darkness So I decide to try and capture of the the tree against the background of the sky so I open the aperture of to F stop 14 in expose the camera for about 5 seconds in eat in several directions I caught a satellite at 1 point which it would you I didn't know at the time and I just I would you swing the camera around taking shots here 2 shots there shot here 5 shots there and upon review is when I noticed the light that I thought was a meteor streaking across the sky I thought I had captured a meteor when I zoomed in I notice that they were lights in a row so I cropped the picture in screen shot at it I was in my backyard and leak Elsinore California 9253 to and a small section just overlooking Summerhill drive

Sweat the time I decided to break out the app on my phone in and the plot which direction on the on my compass and did a screenshot of the direction from well standing to the direction that the camera took the shot I personally did not see the UFO until I saw the photo

On another note I did catch a satellite streaming across in a sequence of I believe 3 or 4 shots in another section I was curious as to what that might be


, 13th July 2018