Black flying saucer hovering over Valentia Island, Ireland

On June 20, 2018, a tourist was visiting Valentia Island, in the southwest of County Kerry, Ireland. He caught a picture of a weird flying saucer.

Witness report:

I am a photographer that recently returned from a visit to Ireland, today I was going through photos that I took when I noticed what I thought was a odd sized bird way out in the distance below the clouds off the beach in my photograph. I digitally zoomed in to the "Bird" and was amazed to see a DISC shaped object. The details of this photo are: File: L Room 3563,Taken with a Nikon D500 Camera, F/Stop F/11, Exp Time 1/500sec, ISO 100, Exposure Bias 0 stop, Focal length 22mm, Max Aperture- 3.7, Metering-Pattern, 35 mm Focal Length. This was taken at 16.49 on the 20thJune, 2018.

I am prepared to send my photograph to you should you require this.


, 17th July 2018