Alien craft photographed over Delanco, New Jersey

On July 9, 2018, a witness saw something strange in the sky over Delanco, New Jersey. He believed it was UFO…

Eyewitness statement:

I was talking to my cousin on the phone when I watched it go by my bedroom windows to the south . It was traveling to my east heading north going slow right above the tree line. I jumped out of my chair and told my cousin I see a ufo and she didn’t believe me and then I pulled up my camera and got three photos of it back to back with one of them zoomed in. It was an oval racetrack shape solid glow. What caught my attention is that I am a pilot and you never see that color glow, especially since there was no beacon. I’m personally positive this is a ufo but please feel free to prove me wrong! I don’t mind my information being released until after the experts deem it is legitament UFO evidence. Thank you! Contact me anytime!


, 13th July 2018