A young boy saw Bigfoot in 1988 near Ennis, Texas

On April 1988 at 10:30PM, a witness was at home near Ennis, Texas, when through the window he saw an impressive hairy creature humanoid.

The witness sent his story on BFRO website:

I and my family live on the north side of Ennis on I-45. At the time, I was 13 yrs old. I was at home with my brother's girlfriend. We were there alone. She was giving me a tattoo on my left arm of a cross. We were sitting at the dining room table. I was looking out the dining room window, looking at the gas station behind my house. Then we heard something at the little kitchen window. We thought it was my brother playing a trick on us, so we got up to see if it was him. But we didn't see anything, so we went back to the table. When I went to look out the window again, there was someone standing at the window. I thought it was my brother so I got up and showed my arm to it, thinking it was my brother. Well then it stood up. Then I went to the window thinking my brother was standing on something. Why I say that is because the bottom of the window was 4 and a half feet from the ground and my brother is 5 foot 11 inches tall. So I looked out the window, and it looked at me. I was about 6 inches from its face. I saw its eyes then.

ALSO NOTICED: Well, when I saw its eyes, they were too far away from each other, like an ape, and its shoulders were wider than the window. I backed up from the window and said to my brothers girlfriend that's not Donald. It looks like a big ape. She told me to stand still and it will go away. Well we stood there for about 2 or 3 mins. And then it turned to the east and walked away. It stood and passed 3/4 of the window. It had a point to its head and realy hairy. Then 30 mins. later when my brother showed up, we told him what happened. At first he didnt believe us until he found some footprints behind the house. I was 13 at the time. Now, I'm 35yrs. old . And we didn't know who to call back then. That's why I'm telling you now.

Photo : The witness worked with artist Sybilla Irwin to recreate the face he saw that nigh


, 11th July 2018