A weird rat-worm hybrid creature in Southampton, UK

A woman, living in Southampton (UK), discovered a strange rat-worm hybrid creature in the porch in his home.

The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 claims:

The strange five-inch long specimen - which resembles a sausage with a long thin tail - was seen slithering up against the wall in Bex Deen's Southampton home.

A woman was repulsed to find this hybrid-looking creature crawling around her porch.

The mystery creature, which resembles both a rat and a maggot, was caught wrigging against Bex Deen's skirting board at her Southampton home.

The strange five-inch long specimen resembles a sausage with a long thin tail.

The strange specimen is believed to be a larger than normal rat-tailed maggot, which will eventually turn into a drone fly.

The woman described it as moving like a worm but much larger in size, with a long, thin tail but without a face or legs.

Rat-tailed maggots are often less than an inch long but the tail can be as long as six inches when completely extended.

These are the immature stage of flies that resemble honey bees.

When the maggot is submerged underwater, it is used as a breathing tube as it does not have gills.

Rat-tailed maggots tend to be found in stagnant water such as manure pits and lagoons.

They become a nuisance when they move away from their breeding ground to find a dry place, which is when then begin to transform into the adult stage


, 28th July 2018