A flying saucer on a photo caught in 1919

On August 15, 1919, a black disc-shaped UFO was photographed over White Plains, New York. This flying saucer was found on a old and no altered photo.

Witness report on MUFON:

This is a photo I was sending to my family for genealogical purposes. I took it with my iPhone. I have the original and can provide it. Once I uploaded the photo from my phone to my Mac, I noticed the odd object to the right. Since it was a black and white photo, it could have been silver, grey, etc. What captured my attention was a trail behind it, like a contrail/chemtrail. That was a very odd thing to see back in 1919, I'm sure. Anyway, it could be something wrong with the camera, but I found it interesting and thought MUFON would appreciate looking into it.


, 30th July 2018