Weird UFO spotted and videotaped in California

On May 29, 2018, a witness was eating lunch in his car when he started to take images of a black UFO

Witness report:

I was eating lunch in my car, overlooking the ocean and from my peripheral. I saw this large matte-black object enter from the atmosphere.

I questioned if it was some kind of large bird, or if it was a plane, but it was really large in size, tear-drop in shape, no reflections, made no noise, and noticed it was moving smoothly at a steady 45 angle trajectory.

It was going straight into the ocean and actually at a really fast pace. It began to skim the water as it got closer... but still there was no splash or disturbance of the water and it sliced into the water without any splash still.

Then it was gone; it went into the ocean somewhat close to the canyons approximately 400+ feet from where I was sitting in my car.


, 19th June 2018