Sasquatch fetus found by a camper in Arizona

On July 1st, 2017, while camping in Clint's Well, Arizona, a man discovered the fetus of a Bigfoot on the ground. He caught an incredible picture…

KEN5423 explains on YouTube:

7-1-17 while camping up at Clint's Well Arizona I discovered an amazing thing.Seems to be a Sasquatch miscarriage.I might also add the creepy howls every other night that were not coyote's and sounded so fucking scary.All these pro Sasquatch hunters better focus on the Payson,Arizona area because they are there for sure!


State of Arizona bought my Bigfoot/Sasquatch fetus months ago.Under legal contract that is all I can say.Your state and government will hide everything from the American public.I admit I sold over 6 figures $$$ and that is all I care about.Sasquatch does exist!

Update 2:

My last camping trip I was stalked by multiple Sasquatch and I was terrified!


, 26th June 2018