Large bird like man seen over Thomastown, Ireland

On May 28, 2018 at 01:15, a very large bird like man is appeared over Thomastown, in County Kilkenny, in the south-east of Ireland. This creature has glowing red eyes and was on top of old abbey.

Witness report:

At green’s bridge, walking to car. intially felt very afraid for no reason. then we saw creature on top of old abbey ruins. thought it was a shadow. noticed glowing red eyes. it screeched and took flight. huge wings. black. bird like but 10-11 feet tall. wingspan was huge. the shriek was ear splitting. we got into car. it flew after us, stayed with car until we got to bishops meadows. then quickly turned and we lost sight of it. both friends and i got itchy eyes, then doctor gave me drops for pink eye after it got worse today. told watergate theatre director nearby yesterday and he said this was seen in the late 1970’s near dunmore cave. we all thought it was just a shadow. stephen noticed the red , thought it was weird. two glowing red intense lights. it opened wings and we realized they were eyes. felt like a warning or a threat.

Photo: River Nore from the bridge in Thomastown, County Kilkenny, Ireland, bSarah777Own work, Public Domain, Link


, 07th June 2018